Practical Speed Bartending

Learn the basics as well as key shortcuts and techniques in our most popular course.




At Aurora Bartending Schools we have specially designed workstations, which allows students to run through actual drills for 2 hours at a time without stopping. In this fashion students work on the speed drills assigned to them to simulate a fast paced working environment. By the time you graduate, everything you’ve learned becomes muscle memory (it becomes second nature to you).  Our practical speed bartending course will open the gateway to new possibilities in the nightlife industry.


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Practice Makes Money – The best way to learn, is to DO. Hands-on training and repetition is the key to success in any field. At Aurora, get the experience you need to work in any type of establishment.


Get every tool you need to land a job.  “Paper resumes are a thing of the past.”  Your Bartender ID Card is used to search your online “Virtual Resume”.  This will drastically increase your chances of landing a job.

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Our students go on to work at some of the hottest venues around.  Aurora is affiliated with many of the top bars and nightclubs in the area.  You can now apply with confidence to your job of choice in the industry.

Practical Speed Bartending Course


Get familiar with all of the basic bar tools and equipment behind the bar. Learn which tool is used for WHAT and WHY.
Certain drinks are meant to be made in certain glasses. But establishments will vary in the type a glassware they carry. Learn the most up to date glassware, as well as the classics, and what to do if you have neither.
“Rules are Rules” and “Procedures are Procedures”. Learn the most common of both starting with “What to do before getting behind your bar”, all the way through “How to cash out your POS System”.
Pour too much, and your cheating your establishment… Pour too little, and your cheating your customer. So “what’s the right amount?”… Don’t worry, we’ll have you “free pouring” like a pro in no time.
“Speed is the name of the game!” We’ll teach you key shortcuts that will drastically increase your speed behind the bar, while avoiding spillage and wasted product.
Be up to date with the latest liquor brands as well as the classics. Learn which “category” AND “price class” each belongs to.
Lets be honest. They’re are some drinks that people just don’t drink anymore. The age of the “Pink Squirrel” is OVER! Learn the drinks you’re really going to use, not the stuff your grandparents used to drink.
It’s our job as professionals to look after our customers best interest and well being. Learn what, as bartenders, you are held liable for; including serving underaged, or over-intoxicated patrons.
“You are it!” You are the show! A good bartender brings energy and vibe to his/her bar, and let’s be real… “The customer is not always right”. Learn how keep your customer coming back without “giving the bar away”.
Owners put a HUGE amount of money, stress, and time into their establishments… Sometimes every last penny they have. Learn how a “free drink” isn’t just a “free drink”, it’s STEALING and how costly “waste” can be.
Nowadays promoting on social media is a Must for bartenders. Learn how to brand yourself in today’s industry and stand out from the rest using social media.
Learn how to “ACE” your first interview. We’ll teach you what questions to expect, how to dress, and how to leave a lasting impression.

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