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At Aurora Bartending Schools we have specially designed workstations, which allows students to run through actual drills for 2 hours at a time without stopping. In this fashion students work on the speed drills assigned to them to simulate a fast paced working environment. By the time you graduate, everything you’ve learned becomes muscle memory (it becomes second nature to you).


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Aurora’s Flair Bartending Course is designed to teach students how to entertain patrons using flashy, fun, and interactive bar tool and bottle tricks.

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From straws to coasters, shakers to glassware, garnishes and liquor bottles, this practical, hands-on approach teaches any level of bartender how to toss, flip and spin their way to gigantic tips!

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Working Flair Techniques

Students of this course will approach their bars in a whole new way, this training will be sure to make you a Rockstar behind the bar attracting additional customers, and best of all increasing your tips!

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