Bartending Courses Offered


Practical Speed Bartending Courses

Our Practical Speed Bartending Courses are designed to prepare all of our students to work in any and every type of environment, especially a fast paced and high-volume establishment. You will learn key shortcuts and techniques that will drastically increase your ring compared to standard bartenders. Learn More

Flair Bartending Courses

Aurora’s Flair Bartending Courses are designed to teach students how to entertain patrons using flashy, fun, and interactive bar tool and bottle tricks. In this course, students learn an array of bottle and bar tool tricks that can turn any boring shift into a “circus-like” atmosphere. Learn More

Bar Management Training Courses

The Manager of a bar or night-club is one of the most prestigious positions in the industry – It is also the toughest. A manager must know how to perform the job of each employee under him in order to ensure that it is being done correctly. Their level of responsibilities are essential to the success of a nightclub or bar and efficiency is key to success. This course is by appointment only please Contact Us for more information.


Practical Speed Course

  • Train For Any Environment
  • Hands-On Bar Experience
  • Make Your Money Back
  • Job Placement Assistance

Flair Bartending Course

  • Take the Next Step
  • Be The Main Attraction
  • Working Flair Techniques
  • Competition Flair Tricks

Bar Management Course

Appointment Only
Bar Management Course
  • Inventory Control
  • Liquor Ordering Efficiency
  • Employee Management
  • Loss Prevention

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